We are a leading supplier of machinery and equipment for the production of modern energy-efficient building materials and construction systems for growth markets worldwide. Our key product is the ercolith® high-tech concrete which is marketed exclusively by us. The production plants developed by produce ercolith® high-tech concrete as pre-fabricated wall panels. The ercolith® construction system is extremely versatile and reduces construction time substantially.

Buildings made of ercolith® are distinguished by:

• High degree of energy efficiency
• Low construction costs
• Longevity
• Very low moisture absorption
• Storm and earthquake resistance
• Recyclability

ercolith® wall elements may be used for:

• Low-energy houses
• Storm- and earthquake-proof buidings
   in developing countries
• Residential and commercial
   buildings in flood risk areas

We offer our clients all-in-one solutions which comprise – apart from the sales of the production facilities - also construction engineering services, quality supervision and management services as well as training of architects, structural engineers and construction foremen. For the German market, we also offer house construction kits and turn-key ready low-energy houses.

Over a period of eight years of research and development, the founders of the company ercolith® have developed the innovative EPS high-tech concrete ercolith®.

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